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Photos taken with a Kodak DC3400 digital camera.

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LAST UPDATED: June 4th, 2007 -- mostly just minor odds and ends

NOTE: Photos 1 through 28 were ones I captured on my own computer, and are little bit grainy for some reason, but some of them came out alright. The rest were captured with my mom's computer (this was years ago, mind you) which did a better job, for some reason. *shrug*

Zane in a tree Zane, a friend of mine I see at group sometimes. He wasn't too cool with getting his photo taken (he thinks he's ugly but I think he's cute) but I managed to get some anyway.

Jordan making a face Jordan making a sour face... sort of caught him at a bad moment, you know, like a blink. I did get some cute photos of him, though.

Mike gasping Actually I don't think Mike was really gasping, it just looks like it. Keep in mind these are early photos, I know how to use the camera better now.

Jordan being silly

GOOD photo of Jordan Yum!

Zane and Mike talking Sorta blurry, I know. Sorry! :P

Zane sitting in tree A pretty good photo. Note his hair - he was in a silly mood that day. :)

Zane smoking in tree By the way, he got those stockings at Northern Star in Corvallis. ^_^ Gotta love em

Zane on the couch One of the best photos of Zane I took that day, and one of his funny moments.

Zane close-up

Zane looking away

Zane smoking in parking lot

Zane smoking, laying on ground Note the orange sun glasses :D

Mike talking me

Mike again

Jordan standing, looking on as Zane lays on the pavement, being a goofball.

Zane talking with Mike

Zane laying down, talking with Mike Sepia-tone! :D

Mike in sepia-tone

Jordan in sepia-tone I wish this had been more clear! Blast.

Zane pretending to sleep

Zane awakens! Black & white! :)

Mike, looking serious Black & white :)

Zane being naughty...

Zane's naughty writing

Mike and Jordan talking about going down the street to get a cup of coffee.

Zane, Jordan, and Mike realize they need fundage for coffee.

First United Methodist Church in downtown Corvallis. Sepia tone.

Noah and the giant mushroom lamp. This lamp stands about 9 feet tall and is for sale at the Wood Gallery in Newport, Oregon. It is one of the most interesting wood sculptures I've ever seen. It has a matching mushroom table along with a pair of mushroom chairs. Noah is sitting on one of the chairs, and my camera bag is sitting next to him on the table.

Giant mushroom again, this time closer up. I think the price for the entire set was $13,000.

Side view of giant mushroom

A metal statue of Neptune and a mermaid, and an octopus. Also in the Wood Gallery. All these Wood Gallery photos were taken on a day trip me and Noah's family took to Newport.

Metal statue of a lady riding a seahorse ... literally a seahorse.

A smaller mushroom lamp created by the same artist who made the 9-foot tall one.

Another statue of a mermaid

Noah sitting at a clay table. This table and chair set was hand-thrown, and the chairs swivel. Each chair probably weighs at least 100 lbs. I can't remember how much this set cost, I think it was around $13,000 - $15,000.

Newport Bay Bridge Sepia tone. Construction began in 1934 and finished in 1936. Before then, a ferry took cars across the bay.

Newport Bay Bridge Sepia tone. A slightly different angle, with more of the lower south-end of the bridge visible. Both photos taken at Yaquina Bay State Park.

Noah Sepia tone.

Noah again Black & white, essentially same shot as #39.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse Black & white. Located in Yaquina Bay State Park. Built in 1871. Used as a lighthouse until 1874, when Yaquina Head Lighthouse was built some miles north of this one. It was lived in on and off for some years after, and was boarded up and abandoned. In 1974, it was fully restored, and you can tour it for free. Alot of antiques are inside, and old photos. (The shudders om the lighthouse were closed when I took this photo because it was after the 5:00pm closing time.)

Another shot of Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

Noah again Black & white.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse From the backside, black & white.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse Same shot as before, sepia tone.

Newport Beach with Yaquina Head Lighthouse visible as a tiny tower in the distance.

Noah on the beach, hair flying ... LOL :)

Noah on the beach with a crane visible in the background. They've been hauling boulders out to repair the jetty, thats why it was there.

Teenagers on the hillside having a kegger. Sepia tone.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, view from the beach below. Sepia tone.