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Ryan's Digital Camera Photos #101 - #150


1972 Caddy Hearse, side view Black & white.

The old white house along side St. Mary's Church ... can't remember what its called, or how old it is. I'll post it when I find out. Black & white.

The Brier Rose Inn a bed & breakfast in downtown Albany, on Ellsworth. Ooold house. :) Black & white.

Brier Rose Inn, another shot

Kevin, a friend of mine Sepia tone. Kevin is sooo hot. ^_^

Kevin again, black & white

Kevin again This time in color.

Kevin has peach colored hair

Kevin, side view

Kevin's hair flying...

Gonna fly now o/` o/`

"Don't go there, girlfriend."

Another clay castle that I made in pottery. This one is actually green! :) Black & white.

Zack, Alex, Christina Black & white. Zack is the one with the one with the Rainforest shirt and the beanie. Alex is closest to the camera, and Christina is the girl with the blonde hair. Alex's VW Beetle is just out of camera range to my right.

Close-up of Zack Black & white. I think Zack is a cutie pie. He had alot of art classes with me my senior year.

Friends along side old building Black & white. Laura, Bill (making peace sign), and Forrest (just out of view). This was the night of the first River Rhythms, July 5th, 2001.

Casey, Sandra and Friends - River Rhythms, July 5th, 2001 Black & white. The girl with glasses and the hat is Sandra, and her girlfriend is the other girl with glasses. I don't know her name. Casey is on the far right with her girlfriend; center-right.

Casey, Sandra and Friends - etc Same shot as being, basically, but in color. The path behind them dead-ends, because the foot bridge from Monteith Park to Bryant Park was washed out in flooding a couple years ago. This is too bad because alot of parking spaces are now cut off. PARK EARLY! :P

Christina lighting up a cigarette

Christina and Natalie standing on the observation dock, the one that leads down to the boat dock at Monteith Park. You might remember the paddle boat that used to be docked there. After a big fuss about opening and closing the railroad bridge here in Albany, the owner took it back to Salem, where it now lives. Basically the dock is closed now. The observation dock remains open. Black & white.

Christina, Alex and friends talking Black & white.

Alex, close-up

Brandon and Gordon Black & white. Two friends of mine, talking on the dock. Cute couple, eh? ^_^

Brandon and Gordon, both looking at camera Black & white.

Guy on the dock... don't know, he was there talking with Alex and Christina, etc, so I took his photo. Sepia tone.

Chris in Boccherini's parking lot Black & white. A friend of mine from Salem. We met online in a chat, then in person. He's a cool guy. Has to commute to from Salem to Albany for work every day... that must get old pretty fast. :P Chris was the guy who introduced me to the WONDERFUL bookstore in downtown Salem called Rosebud & Fish! (Downtown Salem, 524 State Street.) It is a new age bookstore. They also have alot of magazines, gay pride stuff, some jewelry, and fun bumper stickers. Chris is HOT, don't you agree? Actually he was a model for a while, so go figure. ^_^

Chris making a silly face Black & white. I am glad these photos came out so well - the sun had already gone down.

Chris from the side Black & white.

Homo Fish! Rock on! Chris gets asked alot what it means. Yes, people ARE that stupid. Incidently, he said its usually people in Albany who ask. If they are scary looking, his answer: "Uh, homogenious?" A delightful alternative to all those damn Jesus Fish I see EVERYWHERE in this town.

Chambers & McCune sign in downtown Albany, on 1st Avenue. The sigh is hard to miss. It has actually become something of a landmark. There are a handful of very old signs like this on buildings in Albany, but this one is in the best condition. Painted March 23rd, 1905. Black & white.

Chambers & McCune sign, a close-up of the date. "Runyon and Newport March 23. '05."

The Armory Building in downtown Albany. If you know when this was built, Email me.

Old house near Hasty Freez Black & white. This house is painted salmon and white, it stands just east of the Hasty Freeze, along side a boarded-up white garage building.

Another old house downtown Black & white.

Big Victorian house Black & white. I wish I knew more about this house, it has three stories plus an attic.

Two cats Black & white. A pair of silly cats I came across when I was taking photos of houses downtown. The white one kept following me around, it was acting really funny. It would hiss at that gray/white one whenever it got close.

White cat rolling on the pavement. Black & white.

Another old house with a Subaru in the driveway.

White kitty, posing for camera Silly cat. =^_^= Black & white.

BIG old house downtown Black & white. Anybody have any info?

Another old house Black & white. This one a little smaller and newer than the others.

Two friends at Boccherinis talking.

Guy at Boccherinis Black & white. I don't know his name. I should start remembering names... LOL

Laura Zaerr's harp in Boccherinis Black & white. Laura Zaerr playing the harp at Boccherinis, July 6th, 2001. "Folk & Classical Harp." Sepia tone.

Josh at Boccerhinis A friend of mine from school. Josh and me had alot of art classes together.

Jitterbug, being goofy Sometimes she gets hyper and acts silly. =^_^=

Jitterbug's chin Again, rolling back over! :)

Jitterbug on the bench

Mel the loaf! Here he is, with his paws tucked in. His fur is so long that it covers all his paws, he looks like a round fur hat sitting on the lawn.