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Ryan's Digital Camera Photos #151 - #200 Ryan's Digital Camera Photos #151 - #200


Wicker Woo! Here's Jitterbug's sister, Wicker Woo. She's really shy, she tends to disappear when guests come over. Look close at her toes in this picture - they used to be gray when she was younger, but they wore off to pink.

Wicker Woo looking at camera

Noah's cat, Felix I've never seen a cat stick its tongue out this much. He'll sit there for ten, fifteen minutes at a time and just stare at you with his tongue stuck out. =^_^=

Chrysler K-Car Limousine Albany's "Elite" Taxi service has a few Lincoln Town Cars, and this unusual Chrysler K-car Limousine. Only 1698 of these cars were made over a period of 4 years (1983, 1984, 1985, and 1986). This model is a 1986, because it has a turbocharged engine. Production figures are as follows:
1983 - Executive Limousine 2, Sedan 9
1984 - Executive Limousine 594, Sedan 196
1985 - Executive Limousine 759
1986 - Executive Limousine 138
For those last two years, just limos were made. The difference between the sedans and the limos was mainly the limo's division window between the front and rear compartment, plus the limousines were 7 inches longer to make room for that window.

Chrysler K-car interior

Chrysler K-car interior, another view

Chrysler K-car interior Note the rear-facing folding seats.

Chrysler K-car, right side view

Cassie at River Rhythms The July 12th, 2001 River Rhythms concert. This one was a littler busier than last week's.

Zack and Brian Black & white. The concert was Hawaiian music this week... note the leis.

Kelly Black & white. Friend of mine from the art room.

Alex, Bill, Laura Black & white. Bill (far left), Laura (center, sitting behind the guy in sunglasses), and Alex at the far right. Ever since the footbridge washed out in the flood, it takes a while to get to Bryant Park on foot.

Group photo Black & white. Left to right: Bill, Laura, ?, Cassie, Alex.

Laura alone Black & white.

A poem written on the picnic table Black & white.

Racoon! Black & white. I went over to take a photo of the bridge and saw that there was a racoon over by the trees. Two people were trying to catch it. I got closer and saw it was an animal refuge person, or something... Someone who takes in injured wildlife to an animal hospital. The racoon had an injured leg, it was limping. It looked pretty good, though. I got some photos of it. She said they were going to heal it and let it go, but if it had distemper, they would have to put it to sleep. :(

Racoon walks around Black & white.

Black & white. Trying to catch the racoon... They used this pole with a loop on it to try and "rope" the racoon and get him in the pet carrier.

Close, but not quite!

Racoon caught. People had been bringing the racoon food and water, because there were a few little plastic dishes there. I guess he had been there a day or two. His injury didn't seem like he was hit by a car, more like he'd fallen out of a tree. The animal catcher lady agreed with me..

Andrew and Andrew! The Andrew on the right is a friend of mine who graduated from my high school a year before me. I've known him forever, too. He's a hottie ^_^ His friend's name is Andrew, too...

Andrew alone The one I know.

Andrew and Andrew Black & white.

Another Andrew: Andy! Earlier this year Andy was driving by West and swerved to miss a dog crossing the street, he crashed through the fence along the baseball field. It probably wouldn't have happened if he wasn't going 60 mph. There were a number of witnesses, and the fence is public property, so me writing this here is public domain. ^_~

A little doggie! Can't remember it's name, though.

Cassie's glowstick zipper accessory I wish glowsticks never faded! :(

Aaron A friend of mine I've known sense 6th grade. He's a hottie, daaamn... ^_^

Tyler and Aaron I've known Tyler about as long as Aaron, too.

Coffee meet Me, Noah and some friends got together for coffee. Left to right: Noah, Darold, and Ryan.

Ryan alone Black & white.

Rolls-Royce Phantom III Black & white. Built from 1936 to 1939, they were followed by a Phantom IV, V, and VI. I'm not sure what year the car in this photo is. It does have a division window inside, which technically makes it a limousine. Most of these cars were built as sedans, but there were also a few coupes. Back in those days, there were a handful of Rolls-Royce coachbuilders... in other words, you bought a chassis without a body, and chose witch factory to do the body. Different factories had different styles. All cars had basically the same engine. As for this car, I think James Young coachbuilders made it, but I am not positive. I'll keep you posted. Believe it or not, this car lives in Independence!

Rolls-Royce Phantom III, front-on Black & white. I thought these photos would look better in B&W because the car is an antique.

RR Phantom III, rear-view Black & white. Note the European license plate. There is also a California plate, and it reads "Historic Vehicle", meaning the car is registered as one.

RR Phantom III, side view Black & white.

RR Phantom III, front corner view Black & white.

RR Phantom III, same shot as before but in color.

RR Phantom III, front view Color.

RR Phantom III Hood ornament and badge. Some versions of the Phantom III feature a 'Flying Lady' hood ornament that is on one knee rather than standing.

RR Phantom III Hood ornament, straight-on.

RR Phantom III Along side the car, looking forward.

RR Phantom III Front corner view, black & white.

RR Phantom III The entire front of the car. Black & white.

1962 Chrysler Not sure what model. This car had a push-button transmission! I thought that was kind of odd. Apparently Chrysler is thinking about bringing this back in a concept car due out in the next few years. Whatever they do, I think they need to re-design the PT Cruiser. Yuck.

1962 Chrysler Front view, straight on.

1962 Chrysler Same view as #193, but in black & white.

1962 Chrysler Rear view, black & white.

1962 Chrysler Same shot as before, but in color.

Frat House w/ a problem tree Downtown Corvallis. If you look just to the left of the large window left of the front door, you can see a junipur right along side the house. It's huge, and right along side the foundation. This frat house also has a basement, I can only imagine cracks are starting to form in the walls on that corner of it.

Frat House w/ a problem tree Now you see what I mean. Some of the students living there strung a line of Christmas lights in a spiral pattern around the tree.

Stained glass window, west wall of the First United Methodist Church on Monroe in Corvallis. The squarish shape has always been the shape of the window frame, but this wasn't always the stained glass window that sat in it. Over the years it's been replaced a couple times due to accidental fire and arson. I will post the history of the building soon, it's interesting. :)