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Ryan's Digital Camera Photos #251 - #300


Brilliant cut glass This time sitting on a placemat. In this photo, the sto0ne looks sort of a brown-peach color because of the light.

WEIRD park bench on OSU path This parkbench looks like it was carved out of a single piece of rock. Even if it wasn't, the pieces would have had to have been moved there and assembled with mortar. I don't know the exact location of it on campus, but I do know it is on the north side. The building in the background might give you a clue, too. B&W

Photo of building mentioned in previous summary B&W. On OSU campus.

Clocktower on OSU campus B&W. I should have taken a photo of the plaque that talks about the clock in the top of the tower. It was installed in 1988, but served as a clock somewhere else for much longer.

Stone church in downtown Albany Another shot of the church mentioned on the previous page. This is the north side of the building. B&W

Mel plopped on the deck Our biggest cat, Mel, sitting on our deck.

White clay castle This is one of the castles I made in pottery class in high school. It stands about a foot tall. Here it is in our strawberry patch. B&W

Same castle, different angle B&W

Green clay mansion Another clay building from pottery. This one I glazed with a green glaze that was designed to have a 'drip-down' effect during firing.

Ryan's 1984 Volvo DL sedan My new car. We sold my Mercedes a couple months back because a repairman said it would be a good idea, there was some rust in the car that might be alot worse than we thought it was -- the rear window seal was cracked and leaking water into the trunk, but if it were opened up and found to be bad, it would have to be repaired before the rear window could be put back in.

Photo of me at Noah's house Three photos I took so I could use them on my profile.

Another photo at Noah's, different angle

Another photo at Noah's, B&W

Baxter and Jitterbug asleep on the couch! How cute!

1950's Mercedes sedan This car is parked at the south end of 2nd Street in Corvallis, just sitting in a parking lot. I hope somebody restores it someday. Its a neat little car. B&W

Fountain outside a dorm Downtown Corvallis. B&W Terrifying E.T. doll .... this sits on a speaker at the Interzone coffee shop on Monroe. I actually had to ask them what the thing was because I wasn't quite sure... It doesn't look much like E.T.

1956 Volkswagen Bus This is said to be the oldest VW Bus that lives in Corvallis. I saw it here in front of the Old World Deli on 2nd Street one night. I remembered I had a friend, Danniel, who likes VW Buses, so I got these photos of it...
Front of the bus
The license plate This is about that same era when Oregon plates said "Pacific Wonderland" on them.
Rear end of bus The end of the bus shows the 6 tailights, three on either side. The newer buses had single tailight configurations.

"Baxter's brother" We call this cat that because he looks so much like Baxter. He's an interesting cat... he is gradually getting more friendly.

"Baxter's brother" looks up at the camera!

Randomly faceted quartz crystal A relative gave this stone to me. It is a piece of quartz crystal that was sort of randomly faceted, with a moss-effect inside one corner of the stone. The rest of the stone is very clear, but the moss inclusions are so unusual that if I ever facet this stone, I will try and get some into the piece.

The Gay Engine ... ?

Mister Squirrel While visiting relatives in Eugene I saw this squirrel on their back deck. I tip-toed out and got some photos of it. I was shocked at how people-friendly it was! It barely noticed me, or at least it didn't care.

Mister Squirrel watches me and eats some seeds

Mister Squirrel walks along the deck railing

Grape patio I think we had more grapes than usual this year due to the lack of rain this summer. B&W

Another shot of the grape vines This time not as shadowed. B&W

And another shot... B&W

Yucca plant blossoms B&W

Baxter in B&W

Rose bush The only rose bush on our property, growing at the corner of the house. B&W

Baxter and Jitterbug sitting in the shade of a tree in our front yard.

Cemetary along side Albany Memorial Hospital Here are a series of photos from there. I brought the tripod with me to see if it would make up for the lack of light that day. It was Veterans Day, 2001. It was overcast and a little foggy. B&W
288, R. Andrew Hill I find it disturbing how much cemetary vandalism has happened in the Albany area over the past 5 years.
289 This tombstone had to be repaired.
290, James Shields
291291, A lamb figure is incorporated into this tombstone...
292292, Look at the center bottom of the photo. :)

Everything from here onward got deleted by Tripod when they broken their promise of 50 megabytes of webspace. When I first signed up for this site, that is the number they promised, then they decided to drop it down to 20 megabytes of free space. Since I had already used 23 Megs or so, they decided to freeze my site. Eventually, the photos from here onward got deleted. There were about 80 of them that were lost. Tripod is obviously a victim of the dot-com fallout, they have just faired better than other companies did, or at least well enough to stay in business. :\

293, Close-up of mushroom I've seen alot of mushrooms in cemetaries. I think that would be the first place I'd look if I were go out to take photos of just them.
294294, Looking down the road in the middle of the cemetary.
295 An unusual tombstone carved in the shape of a tree trunk...
296 Looking through the iron fence in part of the cemetary.
297 Looking through the brick columns on the side of the cemetary. We still haven't figured out what this structure is. Made just a shadey spot?

A mushroom along side a tree This was on 2nd Street in Corvallis. Sepia-tone

Same shot but in color

A view from a few steps back Same mushroom, but from a different angle. Yes, that is my car on the left.