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Ryan's Digital Camera Photos #51 - #100


Newport Bay Bridge, view from the beach on the northwest side. Black & white.

Newport Bay Bridge, same shot as before, sepia tone.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse another shot from the beach, head on.

Noah in the grass on the beach. Sepia tone.

Chico, Noah's dog Ah! its Wishbone! :D Whats the story, Wishbone.. o/` o/`

Chico again

Noah at mushroom barn This mushroom barn is located on Highway 20 between Newport and Philomath. You can't miss it. He grows shiitake and oyster mushrooms. He was between crops when we stopped by. Oh well, maybe next time.

Noah at mushroom barn Basically same shot as before, black & white.

Alex's Volkswagen Beetle A VW Beetle that belongs to a friend of mine. Sepia tone.

Clay mansion I made this in pottery class. I love this photo.. its cool. I don't know why. :) Sepia tone.

Noah's cat, Meowth She was kind of camera shy at first, you can see her about to dart away here.

Meowth peeking over a backpack at the camera.

Meowth peeking again, wishing I would go away and let her sleep. LOL

Meowth looking right at camera

Noah and his sister Sabrina standing on the dock at Monteith Park, watching ducks. Sepia tone. Ever notice there is a strangely high number of mutilated ducks in Albany's waterfront area?

Old Steel Bridge tower in the middle of the Willamette River. This is the same tower that has the osprey nest on the top of it.

Pet Cemetary Bricks and cinder blocks mark the graves of a dog and three cats in the back of our backyard. I transplanted some strawberries from the middle of the yard to make it more cheery. Black & white.

Pet Cemetary, another view Light green glass blobs top these two tombstones. The glass originally came from a factory - occasionally they have a spill. Factory workers let the glass cool and then split it up. These pieces were given to my neighbor, and she let me have some of them. As you can see from the light glare, there are alot of air bubbles in them. I have some darker pieces that are bubble-free.. I plan on practicing gem faceting on them.

Pet Cemetary Yet another shot, in sepia tone.

My car My 1981 Mercedes-Benz 300 SD.

White clay castle One of the castles I made in pottery class. Black & white.

Sarah and Christina An afternoon at Monteith Park. Sepia tone.

(left to right) Sarah, Christina, and Alex (Same Alex who owns the VW Beetle.) Sepia tone.

"The Champagne of Beers"

Jedi and Jared in the park Sepia tone.

Jedi and friends at the picnic table Sepia tone.

Jitterbug rolling in dust Our cat Jitterbug, in the sandbox. Black & white.

Another shot of Jitterbug rolling Black & white.

Jitterbug rolling This time in color.

Stone lion At the foot of a driveway near North Albany Park. Black & white

A walk at the park Black & white.

Playground at North Albany Park Black & white.

Jitterbug rolling on the living room floor, looking at me funny.

Jitterbug is EVIL! The most evil photo of Jitterbug ever taken. She looks evil! : Black & white.

Wicker Woo asleep under a footstool. She's Jitterbug's sister. Black & white.

Mel! Our fattest cat, Mel (short for Mellon). He weighed 17 lbs in May, 2001. This is good, though, because it means he lost three pounds. We keep him on a diet. He really wishes he could come in the house, but he's too dirty and sheds too much. He wasn't like that until we got him fixed... then he got fat.

Late-1960s model Corvette parked in front of the Venetian Theatre.

Mayor Chuck McClaren riding in the back of a 1959 Corvette convertible. The 4th of July Parade, 2001. (Actually it was on July 3rd.) Black & white.

Corvette pauses... as the Mayor talks with a spectator.

1940's Lincoln convertible ... another photo from the parade. This car is beautiful! Black & white.

Another shot of the Lincoln, this time from behind. I think the car is a Continental, but I might be wrong. Black & white.

1956 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud on the back of a towing rig. This car is part of the Johnny Ray Limousine fleet, which operates out of Albany. He also has a 1981 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit which I rode in on my 18th birthday.

1956 Rolls, another shot as it gets further down the street.

1956 Rolls, backside

A G&E spotlight that appeared in the parade with a rental sign. It looks pretty old, circa 1950s...

1981 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit once owned by hair product magnate Vidal Sasson. This is the one I rode in. Johnny Melin himself is behind the wheel in this photo.

1981 Rolls from behind

1972 Cadillac Superior Hearse owned by Aasum Funeral Home, Albany. Hard to describe the color of this car.

1972 Caddy Hearse, rear view

1972 Caddy Hearse, head on Black & white.